Sandyachting on Gott Bay

Sandyachting with Wild Diamond is a fantastic adrenaline outdoor sport which ideally suits a flat beach with steady winds. Tiree offers just such conditions in abundance in particular Gott Bay renowned for its sandyachting potential due to its extended length and compact sand. This makes for some superb, fast paced racing action! The sport itself is very quick to learn, particularly with the yachts that we use which are manufactured by ‘Xsail’. These excellent machines have steering just like you would find on a bike making using our yachts much simpler (and faster!) than some other sandyachts available on the market!

Sandyacht racing!

Wild Diamond will take you though the basics of getting safely into the yachts, getting up and running, steering, turning and recovering from potential capsizes in a matter of minutes! After that hours of fun can be had racing around courses, free sailing on the hard sand or racing down the length of the beach! The thrill of Sandyachting is that it is immediately fun and very accessible for all of the family without the need to put on wetsuits and get in the water. We acknowledge that not everyone visiting the island swims and we hope that this provides a fun alternative to our water based pursuits. All that you require is some warm clothing and maybe a hat and gloves since moving along at high speed is often quite chilly!